Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lady Antebellum!!~

Posted by PicasaThey are amazing!!!~
WHAT A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Antebellum Last Night!!:~)

My cute kids!!~@: Love them!!!!
Brent didn't know I was so into Country Music!!!
He was a little shocked by me at the concert
and I was waaaay mellow!!!!
He said he had fun! You can't really tell by that mugshot??? can you???~
Posted by PicasaWHAT A BLAST!!!!
I love Country Music and so does my cute
friend Kim! We had an extra ticket and her hubby
is out of town so she got to hang out with us crazies!!!!
FYI:~:(They have the biggest onion rings I have ever seen
or eaten for that matter at the state fair!! YUMMY!!~)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who woulda thunk?????

Posted by PicasaEvery birthday Lindsey EVER had growing up
we would say we couldn't believe she made it to that
BIRTHDAY...she was such a pill we were
both surprised one of us hadn't killed her yet!!!~
So....who woulda thunk
she would make it to the old age of 20????
(not us) JK Love you Linz!!!~

Monday, October 5, 2009

D-Backs last hurrah!

Posted by Picasa We were invited to go with some of Dee's clients
to the last Diamond Backs game
of the year. We had great seats and it was
so much fun! We also got to go down on the field
when the game was over. Kaden had a chance to
hit some balls pitched by one of the coach's. He also
got to run around the field, touch all the bases
and home plate! We had a really fun day!

silly little girl....

She started out following grampa around while he
cleaned the windows.... eating dirt & flowers
as any 11 month old baby would do!
Then since she was soaked anyway............
her & grampa had a blast completely soaking her!!!
She would scream and laugh she had
the greatest time!
Posted by PicasaThe silly little girl was sooooo
mad at her mom when she made her
come in the house and take a bath!!!!!!!!!