Saturday, December 26, 2009

so much has been happening.....

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So much has been happening that I have to say I am
sorry about not blogging for so long!!!
There have been birthdays and of course the
holidays and then our very best news of all is that
we are going to be getting another grand baby!!~
Dana and Brent are expecting their first baby
June 14th. We just found out the beginning of December
and we couldn't be more happy!!~This is the best gift
they will ever have and the best one they could give to us! Yippee!!!
I sure hope everyone had an amazing Christmas
and that you are somewhere that you want to be. Whether it
is home by the fire or on vacation or with family. As for us...we will
be home for most of the holidays but we are taking the boys
to Disneyland for a couple of days! We haven't been for
a while and I am very excited about it...
We have been so blessed this year with a happy healthy family! I am
very grateful for all of my blessings and for a great family that
brings me so much "JOY"!
Many wishes for a Happy New Year!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Princess & her birthday party!!!~

Posted by PicasaGramma's 1 year old Birthday Princess!!~
Love you my Good Girl!!~
Hallie walks around saying
good girl, good girl, good girl...
I don't know if she is trying to remind
her to be good or trying to convince us as she is
destroying everything in sight
& out of sight!!~


Posted by PicasaHalloween is changing around here.
{did I mention I Hate Change}
Kaden's biggest concern was making sure he
had a pillowcase to take trick or treating he wasn't
too worried about his costume this year!
So thank heavens for baby Hallie!
Even though she wasn't too cooperative for
a photo op she was still so darn adorable!
{and she knew it too!}

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lady Antebellum!!~

Posted by PicasaThey are amazing!!!~
WHAT A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Antebellum Last Night!!:~)

My cute kids!!~@: Love them!!!!
Brent didn't know I was so into Country Music!!!
He was a little shocked by me at the concert
and I was waaaay mellow!!!!
He said he had fun! You can't really tell by that mugshot??? can you???~
Posted by PicasaWHAT A BLAST!!!!
I love Country Music and so does my cute
friend Kim! We had an extra ticket and her hubby
is out of town so she got to hang out with us crazies!!!!
FYI:~:(They have the biggest onion rings I have ever seen
or eaten for that matter at the state fair!! YUMMY!!~)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who woulda thunk?????

Posted by PicasaEvery birthday Lindsey EVER had growing up
we would say we couldn't believe she made it to that
BIRTHDAY...she was such a pill we were
both surprised one of us hadn't killed her yet!!!~
So....who woulda thunk
she would make it to the old age of 20????
(not us) JK Love you Linz!!!~

Monday, October 5, 2009

D-Backs last hurrah!

Posted by Picasa We were invited to go with some of Dee's clients
to the last Diamond Backs game
of the year. We had great seats and it was
so much fun! We also got to go down on the field
when the game was over. Kaden had a chance to
hit some balls pitched by one of the coach's. He also
got to run around the field, touch all the bases
and home plate! We had a really fun day!

silly little girl....

She started out following grampa around while he
cleaned the windows.... eating dirt & flowers
as any 11 month old baby would do!
Then since she was soaked anyway............
her & grampa had a blast completely soaking her!!!
She would scream and laugh she had
the greatest time!
Posted by PicasaThe silly little girl was sooooo
mad at her mom when she made her
come in the house and take a bath!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the" longoing" project....

Posted by PicasaI have been asked so many times what my scrapbook/craft room
is like. I always intend to post pics of it
but the problem is I am continually
changing, adding, wanting to do something else or organize things better.
So as my title states...the longoing project......
and I do need to give credit where
credit is due. My island was purchased unassembled...
thanks Dana and Dee for
helping me out with that one. Hint..don't ever say the word unassembled
to Mr. Dee. The calm man I am married to disappears
and turns mmmmmm not so calm.......
(It's not just "my" long going project I guess!!!!!)
I love being in here creating
For me there is nothing more relaxing (unless
you are on vacation toes in the water and you- know- what in the sand)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Football has begun....go #72!!!!

Posted by PicasaWe love football season! Austin is playing for Mt. View's
JV team this year. They played the hardest team of the year
for the first game and they did lose. Bummer!!!
We are looking forward to tomorrows game
and hopefully a "W" this week! Go Mt. View! Go #72!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bye Bye Days of Summer!!!!

I am soooo in love with the Staples commercial....
"it's the happiest time of the year!!!!!" and the dad is
skipping and leaping through the aisles.
I laugh my head off every time
it comes on and Kaden says,
"why do you think that's so funny?"
Wahoo!!!!! Wahoo!!! Wahoo!!!
You know I love my boys, I love summer
and all the fun that goes with it! I just think
their cute little brains need more to do
than be entertained or play XBOX all day long!
(they of course would totally disagree)
Austin is 15 a sophomore (almost driving Yikes!!!)
Posted by PicasaKaden is 10 going into 5th grade also going on 16!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

cutest thing EVER!!!!

Posted by PicasaI am sure that this is the cutest thing EVER!!!!
After running around with Hallie fussy
all morning I came home and gave her a
cracker. As soon as she was done with it....
CRASH.....she was out like a light.
Oh my gosh, NOTHING cuter than a
sleeping baby.....don't you think?
ah....much to do now that
she is asleep in her crib. Chow!!!!