Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the" longoing" project....

Posted by PicasaI have been asked so many times what my scrapbook/craft room
is like. I always intend to post pics of it
but the problem is I am continually
changing, adding, wanting to do something else or organize things better.
So as my title states...the longoing project......
and I do need to give credit where
credit is due. My island was purchased unassembled...
thanks Dana and Dee for
helping me out with that one. Hint..don't ever say the word unassembled
to Mr. Dee. The calm man I am married to disappears
and turns mmmmmm not so calm.......
(It's not just "my" long going project I guess!!!!!)
I love being in here creating
For me there is nothing more relaxing (unless
you are on vacation toes in the water and you- know- what in the sand)

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