Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Love" & "KISSES"

I woke up this morning feeling like aaaaaaah!~ it's Thursday already and I haven't gotten much done!! Then I took a look around and realized all of my Christmas is down and packed away. I even went through the boxes of stuff I didn't get out this year and decided what to pitch, what to give away, and what I of course I couldn't live without. So I guess I have gotten more done than it feels like. Just no time in my scraproom! Which is what I mean by haven't gotten anything done. I haven't gotten to play!!!! Now if I can get the guys to put the Christmas stuff back in the attic~@! .......anyway. I also, went ahead and got out all of my valentine decorations. I say all meaning all. What you see here is all there is. But it was a lot of fun! I made the "KISS" and "love" blocks for classes last year. I wanted to do something fun for this silly fun holiday and they were quite a hit. I was really excited to be getting them out. So I wanted to take some fun pics and just celebrate "love" and "kisses" and my favorite color of all time... my entire life... "RED"! I just love playing with anything red and my house actually has quite a bit of red so my valentine stuff looks pretty cool. Love, Love, Love RED!!!
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Oh!!! Precious One!!!

This little precious one just melts my heart! This morning I was giving her a bath in her little tub by the kitchen sink. The light coming in the window just lit up her little chubby face and her big brown eyes. So, of course I had to grab my camera. What a little doll! Her mom has to be to work at 6:00 a.m. So the past few nights we have sent her mom to bed and kept Hallie until she is asleep. Actually...(this is a secret...ssssh....then we just take turns holding her until we can't stay awake any longer). Then....we put her to bed. Oh!!! Sweet little precious one!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!!!! Welcome 2009!!! I am so happy to be starting a new year. Sometimes a fresh start is just such a good thing isn't it. I have enjoyed the holidays more this year than I remember in a long time. We have been home and enjoyed eachother, our home, a fire in the fireplace and all of the great things in life. Dee's mom came down to see Baby Hallie and brought our niece Baylee with her. We had a great New Year's eve. Having company is a big treat for us especially during any holiday! I think they thought our first grandbaby is pretty sensational and precious! I myself just can't get enough of her. But I have set her down for a few minutes (atleast when her mom has taken her away from me) and I have been back in my room creating away. I started a new book yesterday that is going to be fabulous! The ideas just started to roll. See what I mean about a fresh has taken me a while. I have been on vacation mode. Even though most things in my life have to do with creating and inspiration sometimes it takes a while for it to all flow together.
I think I have been pretty side tracked with some "little" things around here though:
1. Hallie for one of course
2. Christmas with all of the wonderful trimmings
3. Making fun and lasting memories for our family
Now I get to do the next best thing to living it, I am able to create about it and share it with all of you. Make treasured memories that will last a life time.