Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ooooh Mexico!!!

Can't you just hear Kenny and Tim singing their Mexico music to us now? All our boys love to hang out together!

Austin is so good to Kaden! They are good friends even though there is 5 years difference!
What more could we ever ask for with these two?

Linz and her hats, purses, shoes, any accessory or embellishment for this girl!

The cute couple!

Dana captured the Mexican moment in this pic...

Hurry....before the ocean washes it away again.

Another Mexican moment....

Dana was in the mood for photo shoots... and Brent was a great sport!!!!

Sit right back and enjoy...

Who doesn't love the beach??? We just got back from a great little get away to Mexico!!! What a blast! The ocean has such a calming affect doesn't it? What a great place to chill, read a book, watch everyone play and just soak it all in. We had a great time! I tried to upload more pics but no luck. More to come... Sit right back and enjoy...summer is ticking away!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If the Shoe fits......Wear it!!!!

This is definetely one of my favorite mini albums to date! It's one of those projects that just came together exactly as I envisioned. I couldn't put it away...I just kept at it until all hours of the night...playing and creating and exploring with new techniques. I love the way it turned out. This book was a total creative outlet for me. I will be teaching this class at Mystic Paper downtown Mesa on August 2nd from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. I would love you to join me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Creating, Inspiration, & Relaxation

I am on vacation with my youngest son, visiting my siblings and my parents, my sons cousins. It's amazing how just a few carefree days can bring so much inspiration and creativity. I am relaxing away the days until I will be back at it. I have been to about my fourth scrapbook class EVER while away and that was so much fun. My two sisters and I just going to town on an art piece for our homes. So fun taking photos of babies and little ones, it just gives me all kinds of ideas. Hope wherever you are you are all enjoying yourselves and loving life. (Mike if you check in... I love my blog!!!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer days....

I have just been wondering what has happened to summer days? Wondering where the relaxing and drinking lemonade and that bored feeling has gone to. I definetely have not seen any summer days like that. I think my 2 boys are feeling that bored feeling fighting with eachother, not quite knowing what to do with themselves all day long. I have been working on some very cool projects can't wait to get them done and get some more classes scheduled. Hope everyone of you are enjoying summer fun as much as I am. We really are having a good time and have found a lot of time to hang out by the pool and try to keep cool. A little hard to do right now. I agree with Kim, atleast scrapbooking is an inside sport!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's blogging for me....

Okay I have avoided this for some weird reason. I guess I am scared. Now I am really scared after hearing Mike Putnams ghost stories. Blogging shouldn't be that scary, should it? I am excited for my friends and students to have a way to see where I will be teaching and what I am up to. I have a great new mini album down at Mystic Paper I will be teaching in August. It is so fun. Alot of vintage looking papers, some awesome techniques, and vintage ephemera and collaging. I will post a photo in a day or so. Until then...stay cool.