Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting Ready for London!!!~

As much fun as it would be to be getting ready to go to London! I am more excited about getting ready to meet my new granddaughter London! We had a baby shower for her on Saturday and it was so much fun!!!! Baby things are so tiny and cute aren't they? It is just hard to believe that she is going to be here in less than 2 months now. Dana and Brent are going to be great parents! They are so cute and so darn excited!!!~ Me too! Wishing time to fly by so we can meet London Paige Trejo~ Gives "Gramma" a good excuse to go to London....after all I have a lil' grandbaby named that!!!~ {Nan you come too since you have a grandbaby named Londyn~ same thing right?}
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Loads of fun this Easter!!~

I just love Easter and Springtime! I am sure everyone does...except Dana and Dee maybe who are suffering more than most with allergies. {sorry guys} My sister in law Carilynn and I were trying to explain to the big kids why there are more pictures of the little kids. I don't think they bought any of our excuses. I was posting pics of Easter and only picked out ones of the "little princess" I simply justified by.... it was her first real Easter Egg Hunt! Last year she was just too little and this year she got to do it her way. She was sooo happy to have treasures for her basket that after finding about 3 things she sat down and tried to eat the easter egg whole. It just so happened that it had her name on it too. {Not even staged} The other 3 pics finding the Easter Egg in the tree....TOTALLY STAGED....BUT CUTE NONE THE LESS!!!~ Hope you had loads of fun this Easter also!
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