Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ART~tres bien

ART tres bien; { Art very good}

This is perhaps my favorite book of all time.

It's an art journal; for creating very good art, note keeping,

or DISPLAY ONLY! (& of course not for sale)

I am taking this one into Frenzy Stamper today,
I have a class scheduled for
9:30-3:00 with a half an hour break for lunch.
So call to sign up...it's going to be a blast!
I have some really great classes coming up.....
check out my schedule......
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby London~

Baby London!~
I got to babysit her today.....
I really wanted to take some pics...
I ended up playing with her for the short hour I had her
and totally forgot about the pics.....
But I had this cute one...
She is a little bigger now...she looks alot the same
just a little less hair....
WHY??? WHY do they have to lose their hair?????
Just sayin'.................................
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Thursday, July 1, 2010


I just finished up this new mini-album to take into Mystic Paper.
I will be teaching it July 31 @ 10:30
As you can tell this album is jam packed with goodies.
I found some real fun things to add to the Vintage goodness
of this book. If you are interested please call Mystic Paper or go to their
website for more info www.mysticpaper.com
I also have another popular class coming up in July.
It's my If the Shoe Fits....mini album.
It is packed with fun girlie quotes and loads of
Vintage goodness. This is a class with a lot of different
techniques if you are wanting to try some new things.
I can't find a pic and my book is out at Frenzy Stamper so
please go to that website for more info and pics....
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We have been
home but it has been eventful! My second granddaughter arrived in June.
Then her mommy had to have her appendix out last weekend, while
my sister and her family were here. It's been a little crazy around here!!!!!
Hope you all have an amazing 4th of July!!!!
My Grandma's Birthday! Wish she were here
for me to wrap my arms around!
Thankful for many cherished and happy memories!!!~