Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The MotherLoad~

I get excited about old stuff! and I hit the Motherload the other day! Just on a whim I stopped by a thrift store on my way somewhere else.....OMG!!!! #stencils 8" & 10", that cool lamp that I am dying to paint red, vintage stapler, crown dominoes, sheet music (christmas too) velvet pieced quilt squares with hand stitching, and a viewmaster that one of my friends has been looking for!!!! SCORE!!!!
Just had to share! Love, Suzette~
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Monday, September 26, 2011

in the PALM of MY HAND~

I can't even tell you how long we have been looking for a Desert I tell everyone that we are looking and my fellow artist friend Connie texts me the other day...she has a friend getting rid of some turtles for his mom!!!! YIPPEE!!!! Then she called and said we could have 2~ WAHOO!!!! THANKS CONNIE!!!! As you can see they both literally fit in the palm of my hand! They are just little babies...1 month old!!! They eat a little, very little and they sleep ALOT!!! My boys named them Rocky and Ali!~ I am just in love with them but you ought to see my boys!!! especially Austin the Big Dog #72! They make him melt!!! Speaking of the Big Dog his football team beat WestWood this weekend for West Woods 50th year Homecoming. Mt. View put up 50 points in their honor the score was 50-12. The Big Dog is getting healthy he got to start in the game and played the whole thing until they put the 2nd string in at the end!!! So glad he is getting back to normal!!! (well still 20 lbs lighter but atleast not 30 anymore) & of course I forgot my camera!!! GRRR I was not happy! Luckily 5 more regular games to go until playoffs! (cross your fingers on that)
I had a fab class in Payson this weekend! Busy Busy but very Fun! It was my " TIME IN A BOTTLE" album. It is really pretty! Some fun techniques and a lot of layering and collaging it's just yummy! Thanks Ladies!!! One day I will remember to take pics at class....One day!!!! Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Fall is coming...I can feel it if I wake up early enough in the morning! We have to wait a long time for "Fall" hear in Mesa!!!! But when it gets here it is sooo worth it! We are in for some amazingly gorgeous months of beautiful weather!!!! I am just a "little" excited about it!
Have a great week! Thanks for checking my blog! Love, Suzette~
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Enter If you Dare.....

Do you love Halloween??? I am getting sooo excited to get out my decorations and round up past years pics for this fun album! OMG this was a fun one to do. Aren't Holidays a BLAST!!!!! I love breaking away from the same ole'! I will be teaching my "HAUNTED" album at The Scrapbook Barn on October 11th from 5-9 and October 15 at Paper & Metal Scrappers from 10-2. Don't be scared!!!!~
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Football, spaghetti dinners, Senior year....

Oh Boy!!!! It has been busy lately! Besides trying to get Austin back on his feet from his ruptured, infected appendix we have had the Varsity football team at our house every Thursday night for the past 4 weeks for spaghetti dinners. (only 6 more to go...depending on playoffs*&%#) It has been crazy busy but very fun! What a great group of boys! The senior boys have been a little full of themselves making the Jrs. have their time getting anitiated...pool tossing etc. But I have to say when it is as hot as it is here...the jrs. haven't been too upset about taking their turn in the pool. In fact the Srs. were kind of bummed when the Jrs. were having more fun than them!!!!I am lucky enough to have a bunch of great moms helping out too. Many hands make light work for sure!!!! Fun pics...cute boys!!!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What time would you save in a Bottle...if you could????

I am selling a few kits for my "Time in a Bottle" Album. I have taught my first class & have some upcoming classes scheduled. But I have received a lot of interest on this one... so I want to make it available to some of you that watch my blog & that don't live locally. If you don't live here be is still sooo darn hot!!! I am really ready for a break in the weather. This is my homesick time of  year. I can already feel it starting. Thanks for checking I am working on some great stuff & I have learned a couple of simple tricks I want to share too. So keep checking...

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