Sunday, January 20, 2013

I have been thinking a lot about my cute friends that I have made in this little business of mine. This creative side of me that really speaks to me. I have always had it in me for sure. But I truly found it once I moved here to Arizona. I found my niche! and I found all of you. The people in my classes, at the stores, & online. I have made some amazing friends that I am truly thankful for. So I am going to share a little with you about why I have been off the grid, off the map, & off the calendars. I was so sad last year! I could not find my happy at all. Life had handed me some things I didn't want to accept & I just could not keep doing my everyday same old expectations anymore. So I didn't! I didn't run away or anything at least not for very long(: even though that was what I really wanted to do. My bestie that lives in Logan did put up with me at her house for a lot of visits last year. I have to say without her I would not have survived it. We stayed up and talked for hours and she tells me stuff I do not want to hear a lot of times too. But she is always there for me no matter what. Whether it's me or my whole fam she is all in! So many things to be thankful for!!! I looked in the mirror & decided to fix it! Take control of what I could and figure it out as time went on. I concentrated on me and the things I needed right then and started to find my happy and take control of my life.I turned on work out DVD's, plugged in those earbuds, and just kept going.  After Christmas this year I decided to train for the Phoenix Half Marathon on March 2. Something that has been on my bucket list for a long long time, and I am going to do it! I ran 6 miles yesterday and it feels so great! I haven't had much of a desire for creating or any inspiration to get me in my craft room. In fact it kind of became the junk room and I would just pile up all of my extra stuff in there. It was starting to make me sad. I started realizing I missed the stores, and classes, and my cute friends! But still I just didn't feel any inspiration... ..and somehow last week thinking about all of you it hit me like a big wave crashing down on me. I had been getting emails and texts from stores about teaching and I went ok~ let's do this. I am so excited to tell you that I have idea after idea running through my head. I am scheduling classes and I cannot wait to see you all again. Now as always where to find the time for all of these ideas! But I will! I can hardly wait to get going and show you what I am up to. Stay tuned for some AMAZING projects. I probably won't be on the calendar anywhere until at least April. But I am definitely on the grid and on the map again. I will see you all around very soon!!!