Friday, June 24, 2011

Just For The Record~

"For the Record" I am done with classes for a few weeks!!!! Whew!!!~ It has been a busy May and June and I am soooo ready for a break! I taught this class last night at Scrap Happy Sisters and it was by far the largest class I have ever had. I just love it when other people love my creations. It makes me happy!!!! I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Mine is flying by so time to jump in and have fun. I am taking time off but I am also working on some fab fall classes. My July classes are Paper &
Metal Scrappers on July 15th "Charmed" then at Creative Quest July 30th "Treasures". {this will be the last time I teach Treasures I am pretty sure} I have stocked up on more jewelry and fun stuff for that one but I am ready to move on. I will post a pic of "Charmed" later as I will be teaching that one in the Valley later this summer. Now..... get out there....or stay in if you are in AZ and have some Good Times!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Just for the record I had to blog about this.....this is the very first Bingo I have EVER found at a thrift store! I have purchased on ebay and found some that are newer but uuuuuh....this one is VINTAGE!!!! markers and ALL!!! If you heard a big yippee about an hour ago it was me!!!! Did I mention it was $2 dollars.....good day!!!!
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Miss~ Turns 1 tomorrow....

Man time flies! A year ago we couldn't wait to see her face....a year later we would love to see her face but we can't catch her!!!! She still is being wimpie about walking but I am telling you this girl can crawl and move quicker than any little girl I have ever seen. Especially if she is chasing Sara....I am trying not to be offended that she said Sara (the dog) before just stings a little. Isn't she a doll? Happy Birthday Little Miss!!!! Gram loves you!!!!~
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

OMG~{blurry picture}

OMG~Look what landed on my doorstep today!!!!!
It was a great day I must say...the turtles are
off to a new fabulous home!!!!! The leather sofa's that
have been hibernating in my dining room are off to a new fabulous home.....
and OH MY GOSH look at my cool new toy!!!!!!
If you could hear the way Hallie say's "OH MY GOSH!" you would
totally know how excited I am right now!!!!!!! (even though my picture
is very blurry...) Sorry I just had to share!!!
I am soooo excited!!!!!