Monday, February 28, 2011

I admit...I was scared!!!

Oh my gosh!~ I was getting ready for my "Wheels on the Bus" class last week! I had purchased the new binding tool The Cinch....& when I went to do my kits I was too scared to try it.....I had all of these cute fun school papers and I just chickened out. Went right back to my stand by the Bind it All by Zutter.....which is good but I can't close my o-rings right with it....and the Cinch will punch through more paper at once and also makes more holes at once. So going to class I took both. (silly girl) The zutter to punch because I am soooo used to it & the Cinch to close the o-rings, like a breeze I might add! Anyway...if you are thinking about it I would highly recommend it now that I am chilled out a little & have sat down to play with it!!! I will show you a project real soon. Promise!!!~ and we will be using it in class from now on. It's a cool tool! Anyway, if you are into albums & book making It's really a CINCH!!!~

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kits Anyone???

This was such a super fun class I can't even tell you!

The ladies got to choose what jewelry, buttons, & fun treasures

they wanted for the front cover.

Then along with

layering & stamping & just playing it made for

an extremely fun class with a great project to take home & show off!!!

Treasure's kits are still available.....

As of right now I have 2 Wheels on the Bus kits available....

I do have a full class on Friday so after that I can't guarantee anything.

Once these babies are gone they are gone!

Time for a little old/new junk around here!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The House That Built Me~

"The House that Built Me"

is one of my most favorite Love/Hates in My life.

If you are a country music person you probably know

what I am talking about. If not, you should listen to it.

When the song first came out I cried (ok sobbed) everytime I heard it

for ATLEAST 2 months. No kidding! I don't Hate it anymore

but I knew the first time I heard it I would make an album

inspired by that song. This album has ended up being about "all"

of the amazing people & things in my life that have Built Me into who I am....not just

about the house we live in. I had a lot of fun creating this album

it really means a lot to me!!!!~ there are lot's of gorgeous yummy papers

& ephemera in it too!!!! ooooh so beautiful!!!!~

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Happy Valentines Day~



Does anyone have any ideas for HUBBIES???



By the way.....all of my classes

are wrapped up for this fun

Love Notes Album

and I do have 1 kit left available.

If you want it there is a paypal button on the

right. I will get it to you asap....It is soo fun

and it comes together pretty quickly!

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