Friday, January 17, 2014

My poor little blog~

 I guess I forgot all about my little blog while I was busy going to Real Estate school last year, my son leaving on a mission, and my daughter moving to Utah with her 2 cute girls. All three things about did me in. But they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. That is the truth in all cases. I am amazed now that I did it! (passing the Real Estate test and Austin and Linz leaving were all in the same month) Life is Crazy! Anyway, here are some fun family pics we did while everyone was still in Arizona. Happy New Year!!! I have some fun things in the works....for real!!! You are going to love it!!!~

Me and my big boy! Miss him! 

 Miss him! Linz, Hallie, and Paizlee! Miss them! But boy do we have fun and stay
busy when I go up to visit. Hal keeps me running and Paizlee won't have a thing
to do with me lately. I sure hope it's a stage.

Brent, Dana, and Cute London! Thank goodness for her! She loves her Gram and
it melts my heart! There will be four of them pretty soon! Four in their family,
and four grandgirls too! I can hardly wait to meet little Hattie!!!~