Thursday, September 15, 2011

Football, spaghetti dinners, Senior year....

Oh Boy!!!! It has been busy lately! Besides trying to get Austin back on his feet from his ruptured, infected appendix we have had the Varsity football team at our house every Thursday night for the past 4 weeks for spaghetti dinners. (only 6 more to go...depending on playoffs*&%#) It has been crazy busy but very fun! What a great group of boys! The senior boys have been a little full of themselves making the Jrs. have their time getting anitiated...pool tossing etc. But I have to say when it is as hot as it is here...the jrs. haven't been too upset about taking their turn in the pool. In fact the Srs. were kind of bummed when the Jrs. were having more fun than them!!!!I am lucky enough to have a bunch of great moms helping out too. Many hands make light work for sure!!!! Fun pics...cute boys!!!
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