Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!!!! Welcome 2009!!! I am so happy to be starting a new year. Sometimes a fresh start is just such a good thing isn't it. I have enjoyed the holidays more this year than I remember in a long time. We have been home and enjoyed eachother, our home, a fire in the fireplace and all of the great things in life. Dee's mom came down to see Baby Hallie and brought our niece Baylee with her. We had a great New Year's eve. Having company is a big treat for us especially during any holiday! I think they thought our first grandbaby is pretty sensational and precious! I myself just can't get enough of her. But I have set her down for a few minutes (atleast when her mom has taken her away from me) and I have been back in my room creating away. I started a new book yesterday that is going to be fabulous! The ideas just started to roll. See what I mean about a fresh has taken me a while. I have been on vacation mode. Even though most things in my life have to do with creating and inspiration sometimes it takes a while for it to all flow together.
I think I have been pretty side tracked with some "little" things around here though:
1. Hallie for one of course
2. Christmas with all of the wonderful trimmings
3. Making fun and lasting memories for our family
Now I get to do the next best thing to living it, I am able to create about it and share it with all of you. Make treasured memories that will last a life time.

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