Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Love" & "KISSES"

I woke up this morning feeling like aaaaaaah!~ it's Thursday already and I haven't gotten much done!! Then I took a look around and realized all of my Christmas is down and packed away. I even went through the boxes of stuff I didn't get out this year and decided what to pitch, what to give away, and what I of course I couldn't live without. So I guess I have gotten more done than it feels like. Just no time in my scraproom! Which is what I mean by haven't gotten anything done. I haven't gotten to play!!!! Now if I can get the guys to put the Christmas stuff back in the attic~@! .......anyway. I also, went ahead and got out all of my valentine decorations. I say all meaning all. What you see here is all there is. But it was a lot of fun! I made the "KISS" and "love" blocks for classes last year. I wanted to do something fun for this silly fun holiday and they were quite a hit. I was really excited to be getting them out. So I wanted to take some fun pics and just celebrate "love" and "kisses" and my favorite color of all time... my entire life... "RED"! I just love playing with anything red and my house actually has quite a bit of red so my valentine stuff looks pretty cool. Love, Love, Love RED!!!
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