Friday, January 15, 2010


The "BIG DOG" is the name his dad gave him. I wonder why???? He keeps growing and growing.
He is the best kid ever!!! If I could buy him a brand new car of his choice for his 16th b-day I would do it in a second. Of anyone I know he deserves it sooo much!!!!~ Since I can't do that I don't have to worry wether he would turn into a monster if I did that or if it was the right thing or not. Ha ha
We celebrated his birthday as a family on Sunday night and had a great time. He wanted stuffed hamburgers for the meal. They are these enormous hamburgers stuffed with bacon and cheese or mushroom and Swiss. They are good but they are HUGE!!!! He doesn't like chocolate so I made a 4 layered cake with confetti and yellow cake and it was really good! {especially not having chocolate..... }
I love this kid! He has always been a momma's boy and would admit it to this day! I am so proud of him!!!!!
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B and D said...

He is a pretty cute Mommas boy! Everything turned out perfect for his birthday! He sure is one amazing kid! I am pretty sure he got all the best genes in the family!