Thursday, November 11, 2010

just a few unfinished projects.....

So...I just needed a few empty containers to sort my class supplies into. Which turned into finding all sorts of unfinished projects...paper for mini albums I had stashed away and on and on. So I have finished these up......... .....partially. My goal is to have photos in them when I say that but hey, that turns ino a whole jumble of a mess too...Anyway the top one is a kit I got from Ellen. I had to alter it some I just couldn't do the blue and pink scrabble board. It wasn't working for me. The next one is just a little thing and I can't even remember starting that one. All I really did is add some ribbons and trims and it was finished. I think it will be a "gramma's brag book" After all I like to brag about those cute little girls of mine!!!~ The next one was a big stash of paper I had from last year. I made my mother-in-law one for her B-DAY which happens to be my B-DAY too...sooooo of course I had to make me one. AND after all I have sooooo many more Christmas pics to get in albums. This one is BELIEVE #2. I will post what else I have stored up because I am on a mission. Inbetween football games, babysitting Miss Hallie, being a mom, and classes and stuff.... ya' know~'s all good!~
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