Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!!!

I had to slip in a pic of Hallie's latest new look...a little

shadow from her big bow, but isn't she stinkin' cute????

Below is our yearly neighborhood Christmas party!

It is one of my favorite AZ traditions since we have moved here.

Breakfast is served at the park and there is

this secret AZ recipe for Buttermilk syrup that is to die for.

Then Santa arrives usually in a convertible, yes in December!

It is usually just comfortable sweatshirt weather. LOVE IT!!!

look it's mr. do not take my picture!

on Santa's lap??? (even smiling)

lil' miss Hallie~ it's her 6 week old birthday!

Posted by Picasaand look who slipped in not wanting to be seen on Santa's lap
our wanna be believer.... mr. K ~ 9 years old

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