Monday, December 1, 2008

It's starting to be "normal" to me????

It's starting to be normal to me to have Thanksgiving,
Christmas shopping and decorating, and planting flowers all in the same weekend.
It was the anniversary of our sixth year here
in Arizona last week, and now I can say this is a lot
more normal to me than shoveling snow would be.
These months here with the weather fabulous
are what make the summers worth it.
This is heaven!!
Posted by PicasaI really have to say I enjoy Christmas shopping a lot more here.
I have never really enjoyed cold temps and big heavy coats,
even worse being cold. I still yearn for familiar
even though it is getting more familiar here.
I miss my family and my amazing friends.
But, I have been truly blessed to have made wonderful
friends here also. I am grateful for all of you!!!
So, I guess what I am saying is..............
( my hubby will say...I've known that for a long time)

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