Monday, February 23, 2009


More cool old signs,
love love love the bathtubs.....
Cute friends aren't they????
Holly, Ellen, Chris, Lola, and Donna
Lola is actually behaving herself in this one....
What's up with that????
Fun Day you guys!!!!
I love old hats!
They remind me of my Grandma!
When we were little the best day ever
was when Grandma would get down her
hat boxes. We would pull the hats out so carefully
and put them on. She had old gloves, dresses, and frocks that
we would dress up in. It was the best. But the best part
was that they were very special to her and she shared
them with me and my sisters! She loved us so much!
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1 comment:

Dana said...

So I totally want to go with you guys next time!