Monday, February 23, 2009


Above are some of the fun finds from our Antique shopping trip
to Prescott. It is spelled that way but I guess if you are a local
it is pronounced Prescitt???? Hmmmm I think I like Prescott better.
What an awesome little town! Very much like Jackson Hole or
Park City. But packed with the most fun Antique stores.
Below are my favorite treasures of the day.
A charming little album book for kids. This will be fun to alter.
Then the best find I think a quilt hand cut and startedby
someone and was never finished. There are pieces that still need
stitched. But what is already stitched is about as big as a baby quilt.
(makes me wonder how many unfinished projects
they will find when I am no longer here)

I love old signs! They are so cool!

The photo below is for Dana. I wanted to show

her some of the cool old furniture she needs to pick

up for photo shoots!!!!

OK...better get going! I have about a million projects

to finish up before this week is up.


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Dana said...

Eww I love the quilt! That chair is pretty awesome too! I like that it is such an unusual shape! You better take me along next time you go!