Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Darbie Girl!!!

Happy Birthday Dana Banana!!!!
Oldest Daughter.....,
Dammitt Dana,
Darbie girl,
Cute Girl.... for sure!!!!!!
I don't want to admit what nick name I am responsible for.....
(it can remain unsaid.....)
I am a little late blogging about her b-day but non-the-less
amazed by her. She is a strength to me that I can't even talk about
without getting choked up! What a blessing in my life she is!
Although..."SHE" is aging "ME" turning 23 and all....
Dana and her "fav" niece....
You can't just give anybody junky bottles, some old looking tool totes, a
magazine with altered aprons, fabric and a pattern and have them
 soooooo excited about it. One thing we have in common 
we both love junk and stuff! In the coolest way of course!!! 
Check out the cool "OLD" bottle
in the middle below soooooo awesome!!!!
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B and D said...

Thank you for all the good "junk"/"treasures" for my birthday! I love it!