Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here comes Santa Claus.....

As Christmas is almost here I am just full of
memoriesand happy thoughts!
I must also have 2 little girls on my brain
which is why these pics jumped out at me. It was so much
fun having 2 little girls. Now they are big, but they
each have a little girl of their own. So, once again at Christmas
time there are 2 little girls to think about. Sooo much
fun to buy for little girls isn't it????? and the boys
they only put 3 things each on their lists and their stuff
is not fun to shop for or to buy....
I am not doing so good in that department.
It is much more fun to think about
the little girls & their moms....
I am such a girl.....
& on that note....much to do!!!!!!

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