Friday, January 28, 2011

BuTtOn, bUtToN, who's got the BUttoNs????

I am telling you....I wish it were me....
but Hopefully sooooon!!!!
I have been bidding on buttons on E-Bay this week
trying to collect some cool goodies for my upcoming
"TREASURES"Posted by Picasa CLASS and I must tell
you buttons are ONE of the hot things on e-bay.
Actually I do have a couple of different
Vintage Button Lots on the Way and a few more
that I am bidding on BUT if you run into a big trunk of old
buttons, don't forget to call me......
Seriously! They are worth some cash!!!!
(the ones above in the photos are history....long gone)
But if you are signed up for my me you
will not be disappointed. I have been out hunting looking
for TREASURE!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you are not signed up...
call Mystic Paper & get on it

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