Saturday, March 24, 2012

Extra Extra Read All About It....

"For The Record" $55

"Life Is Good" $60

"Father's Day Quote Album"  $45      Only 2 available

"Believe in the Magic"   $85        Only 2 available

"The House That Built Me"   $70
Posted by Picasa know how when you are trying to do something and when one thing goes wrong.....everything starts to go wrong??? That has been the story of me getting these pics of Extra Kits on my thing after another....technical difficulties. (Maybe I am the technical Difficulty) Ha Ha~ Anyhow I have been organizing and cleaning out and I had no idea how many extra kits I have.  I am going to do FREE SHIPPING on any kits purchased for the next 2 weeks (from now until Easter)  Because some kits there are only 2 available  I will do first come first serve. So Please email me which kits you would like and then I will email you a paypal invoice for them. Thanks tons!!!! Suzette~

Please also email me with any questions or
if you would like a description on any album. Have a great weekend!~

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